Solving the Catch22 of graduate employment

Matching students to real-world, business-run projects

Students Employers

You need real-world experience to land the best internships and graduate positions. Such is the catch22 of graduate employment.

Grad22 helps address this by offering businesses the opportunity to sponsor students on real-world projects, helping them gain experience and evaluate future employment options outside the constraints of a traditional internship or grad scheme.

How it works


A student creates a Grad22 profile, detailing their skills and experience


An employer creates projects, listing the required roles with skills and budget


The Grad22 matching engine fills open roles with the best available talent

Grad22 For Employers

Offering project-based work to students allows you to effectively assess their capabilities and potential as a future recruit for internships or graduate schemes.

The Grad22 platform widens your talent pool, allowing you to assess non-traditional applicants more effectively with real-world work engagements.

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Grad22 For Students

Grad22 gets you exciting and paid experience working for some of the most innovative companies around. Simply input any relevant skills and experience, and our matching engine will suggest projects for you to consider.

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